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Our privacy policy is simple.

We collect specific types of information you that provide to us: (user infomation, addresses, licenses purchased, purchase history, application data). This information is used it to enhance value to our products that were purchased and used by you. It will not be shared with a third party or other users. We also utilize Google Analytics to track website usage and statistics. We occasionally use information you submit to provide information about new products or events. We will abide by your wishes if you tell us you do not wish to receive them.

We do not store credit card information or other sensitive information or associate it with account information. Information collected to complete credit card transaction is securely submitted to our payment processor and not recorded on our servers.

Except through our use of Google Analytics, we do not provide identifable information to be used by a third party for marketing and/or 'research'. Nor do we have any relationship with such an entity.

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