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Your employees and customers are being overwhelmed by the many systems and processes they have to access everyday. The applications you purchased to enhance productivity are not being utilized to their potential.

The introduction of the Apple iPad in 2010 and Google’s Android OS in 2007 ushered in a new age of computing oriented around the consumption of media. Since that time, advanced user interfaces have been integrated into our mobile phones, cars, and televisions. An unfortunate side effect of this proliferation of platforms has been an unprecedented growth in the complexity and skill required of everyday users. Each application and platform provides its own paradigms and methods for interacting. It’s difficult or impossible to transfer information of a similar nature between them. In fact, a July 2011 study from Cambridge University reported that 1 in 3 people report a feeling of being ‘overwhelmed by technology’.

Using Sonnet you can:

  • Distill interactions with complex systems into simple natural commands.
  • Access data and run commands from laptops, desktops, mobile devices, and browsers.
  • Tell the computer what do using plain English.
  • Interact naturally using speech, a mouse and keyboard, a touch screen, or any other means that you have available to you.
  • Simplify access to enterprise resources on the Internet and your internal systems.
  • Control 'connected’ devices that are in homes, work and vehicles.
Simply speak, type or gesture what you want and it does it, wherever you are and on whatever device you using at the time.

The Voice Software at Startup Rockstars

Nathaniel presented Sonnet in action at the Startup Rockstars event in Arlington Virginia.

New Videos

Watch several Videos of Sonnet in action.

Product Features
  • MultiModal Interaction - Control your Enterprise applications using speech, text, widgets, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Distributed Control - Securely control applications and access data from anywhere.
  • Cloud Based Deployment - The system is deployed on the Cloud and scales to your needs.
  • HTML5 Web Interface - Access your data and applications from a standard browser.
  • Mobile Device Interface - Get work done on the go.
  • Windows 7 Interface - Use the full power of the desktop
  • Application Modules - Custom application modules can be build to integrate with your enterprise applications.
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