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The CloudTop is your access point to the Sonnet cloud via your browser. You have the same access to all of your data and widgets that you have from the native client. Access to the CloudTop is available to anyone that has also purchased any Sonnet software. It is also available to any evaluation products, for the length of the evaluation period.

Complete Control

You can even add and remove widgets from your workspace, and update their position on the Desktop. There are three different 'workspaces' available from the CloudTop. The 'Desktop' workspace is shared by the desktop clients. The 'Mobile' workspace is shared by any native mobile clients. By default, the CloudTop through the web browser defaults to the 'Web' workspace.


The application is best experienced on Chrome 14+ and Firefox 9+. The program also works well under many mobile browsers (Android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire) under the Mobile view. The CloudTop is heavily dependent on HTML5 and CSS3. This requires a modern browser and operating system. Older and non-standards compliant browser may function acceptably, but there will be limitations and visual artifacts.


Speech recognition and text to speech are available to access voice command from within your browser. These capabilities are only supported in the Chrome browser. To activate speech recognition click on the microphone icon in the interface. When you are finished talking, your command will automatically be interpreted and processed.

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