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Advances in information technology and computing have fueled incredible gains in productivity in the past 20 years. Tasks that used to require departments of people now can be accomplished by a single person. For all these gains, traditional methods of computer interaction utilizing the mouse, keyboard and windows can be frustrating and inconvenient to novice and expert users alike.

Sometimes using the mouse and keyboard is inefficient and inconvenient. It is possible to have impressive gains in efficiency and ease of use when you combine traditional methods of computer interaction with others like speech commands. You may be working on a document, playing a game, surfing the Internet, or may not even be physically at your computer. Shifting your focus can interrupt your concentration and disrupt your productivity.

The Sonnet system solves this by combining voice commands, mouse gestures and keyboard input with traditional methods. Simply use the method that is the most convenient at the time.

The basic Sonnet program listens for intuitive voice commands that control basic functions on your computer. You can minimize, maximize, or close windows; start programs; and perform many other routine functions. Sonnet basic allows you to utilize the most convenient method available at the time to perform routine functions on your computer.

You can accomplish the following functions using Sonnet Windows:

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