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--Talk to your computer like you're talking to a friend--


The voice software is a company that is focused on producing quality intuitive applications that use speech as a primary method of interaction.


The most natural obvious way of interacting with something is through your voice. The Voice Software suite does just that. The Voice Software is a suite of tools that allows users to interact with their computer naturally and intuitively. Talk to your computer like you are talking to a friend. Contol your window programs, research topics on the internet, find the time or weather and even get directions by just speaking to your computer.

Today voice control applications are massive and complicated. In order to perform as simple a task as creating a letter can require extensive training of the application to recognize your voice commands. How long have you spent 'arguing' with your computer? How much of your time is wasted dealing with the interface and not the idea? The solution is The Voice Software.

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